Cause only you

When you look to the world with eyes of ingratitude
When whatever happens,its just not enough
Not enough for your heart to be satisfied
Not enough

You long for the bridegroom who satisfies the soul
You long to impact the world with more than just words
You long to be heard
For your words to pierce through the darkness
And cast away lies and tears
To embrace that which is not whole
And with love and kindness draw it into the chambers of the king
Abba father in such a time as this
Come meet my heart

Old book and pen
For only you can satisfy my heart
And with only you does my days count
Let me write in the name of the king
Let me strive to find you in the night
Let us send decrees and love letters
To the broken and the deserted
To create the kingdom of love through attempted chapters and messed up drafts
Make me a writer of the heart of the king

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