Uninspired out loud

I got the opportunity to write in one of my favourite blogs , but i haven’t been able to

They need an original piece and I am just not inspired

I’ve been waiting to get inspired to write something, but its not really happening

I wake up each day , drive to work , turn on worship songs to communicate  with the creator

Thats a progress which I am proud of

On the road of reconciliation I think ..slowly but surely I hope

But no, no inspiration

Not any

Just a piece of peace

I eventually arrive 

And type the word beauty on all different social media sites

In hope that i’ll see something that will leave me undone 

But i end up only feeling envious or hollow

I then hunt for an interesting article on some of my favourite blogs

I read, I sigh and thats about it

It has a temporary effect to watch beauty from afar

I remember cs lewis words

That we long to be part of beauty , we don’t only want to see it

We want to unite with it

In a way I want to be involved in beautifying things

I know that inspiration does not start from outside but from within

That its more about perspective than surroundings

But surely a walk by the ocean, the company of a great soul would help

Inspiration also comes in seasons of giving

I remember that often the times where I was mostly inspired

were the times that I was fully invested in giving

Wether it be giving time or heart

Maybe this culture of consumerism is ridiculously uninspiring

After all what is inspiring about enhancing one’s life

Maybe I am so caught up in improving my status

Socially, physically, financially

Maybe I should worry less about being inspired, and give more time, effort and money to enhance life of others.

Maybe I’ll start a challenge #100daysofgiving

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