I Hope You meet Her one Day

She is a beauty I am telling you


Something else

Out of this world –Kinda of a woman

 It’s very exciting watching her live

The way she is full of life

Despite her age, she is one of the youngest I know

There is a good mysteriously satisfying feeling I get when I see her do life

The way she gets excited about getting a new earing  

Like a fourteen year old

Or about changing her hair color

The fact that she is first to notice my hair cut or my new shoes

Her wit and great sense of humor



The way she is capable of transforming my car while driving in crazy Cairo

Into a time machine to the good old days


Feeding my imagination with images and pictures of how it felt like

And how it looked like back then

Sneaking into her room

And finding her all snuggled up reading a book

Or entering the kitchen finding her experiment with new spices and recipes

Imitating the Lebanese chef in his last episode




It somehow gives me courage to do life

She makes it feel like life after all isn’t that difficult

If you enjoy the sunlight, people, and coffee

All is well


I love how she makes everything small feel like an exciting adventure

She follows beauty

She makes home

She digs deep to invest somewhere, something, sometime

And oh! The way She knows she is gorgeous

The unending stories of how her beauty broke hearts

Those twinkles in her eyes when she tells them, how rare?

And ah! I just love it

There is something so profoundly beautiful about a woman who loves who she is

I hope you meet her one day

Meet her among your friends

Meet her in your books

Meet her in your heart.


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