Not enough



I find myself overwhelmed by the feeling of not having enough time 

The fear of missing out 

Missing out on life 

On all the could be’s and what if’s

Missing out on travelling the world

Not having enough time to dream

And if i do, there wont be enough time to live out the dream 

Not having enough time to create 

Missing out on making a difference 

An impact in this world 

It’s like i am having  a constant battle with time 

The fear that i am wasting time in the wrong direction 



But if time is the all the moments I spend with you

If time is made in the moments i find you 

Then I have all the time in the world

Eternity is my limit 


Make me want to find you 

Make my fear is to miss out on knowing you 

Make me fear wasting my life away from you 

I desire to desire you.



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