Always missing out on the autumns

How can you miss something you’ve never experienced?

With an ache in the heart, like in the remembrance of an absent beloved

But I can surely imagine a walk in the forest next to the lake

In awe of the scene painted in front of me

All of it falling down so gracefully

The red, orange and green scattered all around me

Falling down so gracefully


I see the leaves as it elegantly dances and makes its way to the earth

Bshk-bshk… closing my eyes and listening as they touch the ground

All back to the earth

All back to where it started


With no regrets

No shame, the trees stand firm rooted and grounded letting go of the legacy

Judged by a speculator to be barren

The smell of sweet surrender

The bitter sweet feeling of embracing the letting go

Letting go of the depth and beauty once known

A determination to move forward

To let it be

To seek beauty once again

To let go once again

Only to be barren again

All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again

But one thing remains love the root of it all.

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