To be known

Does he know your dreams?

Does she know where you should be?

Do they know all that you can be?


Contexts of our lives change

Surroundings become unfamiliar

People change or move on or travel

Old diaries becomes stranger’s notes

How we felt and what moved us then becomes a mystery now


And yet choices are still to be made now

Every choice made, seems to make a statement of who you are or who you intend to be

The difficulty about decisions that they so often make a statement if not to the world to yourself of who you are

But what If judgments are wrong or shortsighted

Based on what you know now, that is different than back then, different from what you will know ten years later


Does he know me

Do she know me

Do they know me

Do I know me

Who can tell?

And my only consolation is that he knows me

And their knowledge of me might limit me

My knowledge of me might frame me

Based on the stained glasses they look to me through

Based on respected experience they’ve gone through

Based on my blurred perspective


And what if the road I am taking no one has taken before

Unfamiliar to me and them

Who can tell me where to go or with whom?

Me ? them? Common experience? Common sense?


But his knowledge of me, becomes my refuge

And psalm 139 my daily meditation

His knowledge of me is perfect

His knowledge of me is not stained

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.

Knowledge that if I could only attain would set me free

Knowledge that is gazing at me with the glasses of perfect love

And perfect love sets free

His knowledge of me sets me free

Knowledge of me does not frame me, but instead takes me to a spacious place

A place of freedom and joy

A place of intimacy instead of plain clarity

So I hide in his knowledge of me

“to be loved is to be known and to be known is to be loved”

And even when its dark around me, darkness is as light to him





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