Dream Egypt, dream


I pray lord that you would take me inside the room in your heart that has Egypt in it. And throw all your compassion and passion in me; pour your burden in my heart. During  last year, when Istarted work and got bombarded by the lives of people around me, the truth about the “Real world” as we call it while graduating, choked me. Dullness, poverty, settling, brokenness choked me. And trust me; I don’t blame any of them, this land with how it is handled by the corrupt authority that ruins our resources offers nothing more, than survival. And it  would be good enough if you were able to survive. Work colleagues, just seem to barely survive, waiting to kill time, and time is killing them. And the motive is noble and legitimate, responsibility.

I do have issues with this word, but I do know that when you have your own family, priorities change, and you will compromise things you want because of things they need. But is that a life lived, or is this life survived, is this a life at all?

I know that because of my background, and the work of god in my heart, I have been given both the luxury and the appetite for more. But it’s not just a luxury; I believe and hope that if my circumstances change at any point in the future, my appetite for the more to life will not change. And I want that for my country and for my people and for the people I meet every day. I want them to live abundantly, I want them to see more into situations, I want to carve in their souls and spirits a space to wonder and question and DREAM. And maybe the scarcity in resources, will corner them so much, that questions and a cry for more will be birthed in their lives.

But whatever way it will happen, I pray for abundance in Egypt, abundance in resources, abundance in the fragrances they smell, abundance in the colors they see, abundance in the feelings they feel. I pray for more than just survival, I pray they live. Let there be life and abundance” The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”. Let there be joy and pleasure in their lives. I pray that we would be given strategies to be like Joseph to offer resources.

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