“Boom” one wave succeeds at hitting me, sending

“Boom” one wave succeeds at hitting me, sending me too far away until the shore


The wrong side of the shore, far away from where I want to be, far away from who I want to be with, or so it seems.

Hope then seems to be, such a foreign notion.

Hope for what? Hope for whom?

When corruption wins, and justice seems to be voiceless

When apathy dominates, and fear triumphs

When children are robbed from their innocence at such a young age

An upside world.

As I walked at the shore, I looked, but what was I was looking for?

Death and despair took a grip on my heart, too strong for me to break loose

My heart grew tired and weary of hoping.

So you settle outside there, remembering the old good days


Emptiness fills my days

I build the house, I buy the supplies

But all seems in vain

I have a walk, and my heart touches the waters

And it yearns.

For the hope my heart loves, I looked for him but did not find him..


Oh and how it made my heart yearn, yearned to hope and dream


To be with him

Have you seen the one my heart loves?
Scarcely had I passed them when I found the one my heart loves.

And with a sweet whisper he said “There will be no gloom for her who was in anguish.”.




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