The greatest lover of all

The greatest lover of all knocked on my door


The greatest lover of all has come and made himself a home in my heart

We sat together over coffee, looking in the journal of our love together


Pictures, tears, dried flowers, poems, and secrets of our heart that no one else knows

Dreams that we never shared with the world

As we flipped through couple of pages, we found a picture of a bottle filled with a liquid with a name tag that read “sweet pursuit tears”

With a description carved in my heart  that says “my tears were not wasted, they carved  deep paths, like the ones found on the mountains in the desert , those paths once made always remain…


Another page was turned; it smelled so sweet, an incredible sweet scent that made my heart long, long for meaning, long to belong, long to feel safe, my heart longed for him, the greatest lover of all

In the waiting, the roots go deeper, in the waiting the roots go further to search for the waters, and when the waters and the nearness are found, joy is found.


He waited for me, with respect to my space, and out of an understanding of my heart struggles, he waited for me, all he wanted was voluntary love, love that has moved the heart of the greatest lover of all.

And yet again a page was turned


Pearls, pearls, lots of them. Each pearl shinning and kept in a safe place

Always appreciated , whenever I open my mouth to speak , he is always in appreciation whenever I open my heart , listening to me intentionally to every word spoken, to every meaning beyond my words, to every emotion and journey walked behind those words, when I speak he doesn’t only listen to my words but to who I am.

I am not afraid to throw the precious pearls of my heart in front of him

He is good , he is good , the greatest lover of all is faithful.

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