Its past midnight, and I find my heart overwhelmed with hope

Its dark outside, but inside of me I see light

There is so much hope inside me mingled with a painful longing it’s a quite fascinating feeling

I have hope in what tomorrow is bringing

I have hope to see the unresolved in the lives of many in my life find an answer

I have hope that the blind will see, and the deaf will hear

I am torn between hope and between the longing to see what I hope for  come true

I have hope, that though I don’t know what tomorrow holds, it hold more love and more knowledge of love

It’s like I suddenly realized that I am young

Those things that I don’t like and have lived with,

Some will change, and the rest I will understand why they didn’t

I  have dreams…and I am dreaming..of the million paths that my life can take

The voice of  despair is still there, the voice that says don’t expect much look around you

See what you have really got,

But the voice of hope is overcoming the voice of despair

Suddenly the heart of a child is awakened that doesn’t solve algorithms

A heart that doesn’t take givens and assume assumptions to solve the problem

But dreams and hopes instead…

My heart has always dreamed of an adventure and I hope that hopefully it will

I hope that I’d see myself in the midst of an unfamiliar land, loving and giving without a second thought of the cost

I dream to see the king and dance the dance…

And he’d call out to a prince who’d incredibly ravish my heart

Cartoons and the bible stories suddenly seem to be so strongly related

I hope to see the sea parted with his mighty hands

I hope to walk in the midst of the fire and find him next to me

I hope that my shadow would command sickness away

I hope that he’d come have dinner with me

I hope that I count it all loss to know him and make him known

I hope that I’d be prepared, favoured in the eyes of the king and save a nation

I hope that my voice would drive the darkness away from every Saul

I hope that I‘d be ready for it all

I hope in a faithful one

I hope not in vain

And because I put my hope in jesus, I know that I do not hope in vainImage

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