Her life

For some reason when I look at her, I smile

And it brings a pleasant feeling to my soul to watch her live

 Maybe because she is made to be beautiful, her whole life story revolves around becoming beautiful

As she dances through life, she is so freely beautiful… She is not afraid to show it, and if you really look at her, you know that she knows it…

And so each time our eyes meet, we smile, because we both know that she is victoriously beautiful.


As I gaze upon her fluttering through the open fields, she finally makes it and stands right beside my heart. Hey beautiful one! Do you look back at your past? Do you despise the days of your youth? Do you remember your hidden days? When you were restricted to as far as your little feet carried you? Or did you know your destiny and dreamt of the beauty you will become one day?

Hey caterpillar, were you dismayed? When you were alone, doing what you have to do? Just being there eating all day and looking at your ugly reflection every day? Was waking up a choice you had to make each day, day after day? Performing your obligations-bound to the routine of the day, what sustained you ugly little one?


 Hey butterfly! Do you look back? Do you despise the days of your youth? Did you feel like your life was coming to an end, when your skin was wearing off? Did you feel like your dreams of beauty were crashing down, did you feel like that this where the story ends? Have you felt betrayed, like all your faithfulness and hard work was in vain?

Caterpillar, will you please tell me? Did you envy the beautiful butterflies, flying gracefully around you in all directions in all colors? Or did you know that your day was coming? Or did you believe that you were destined for beauty?

Butterfly, victorious caterpillar, did you know that your life would be a testimony? A hope for me. you’ve conquered death and ugliness, and you’ve made it. Congratulations you are beautiful.

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